Surinam is a country which is located in northern South America and so many Indians are also located there. Around 35%-40% of the population is consisted of Hindus migrated from Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Due to large population of Hindus, so many Hindu festivals are celebrated in Surinam. In this country, Holi is also celebrated with lot of excitement and mirth.

Holi is an Indian festival and people all across the Surinam participate in this festival. They use to celebrate Holi festival with same tradition as it is celebrated in India.

Holi Festival in Surinam:

People take great pleasure in singing Holi songs and spraying colors on each other. According to the ancient tradition, bonfire called ‘Holika’ is burnt in evening which represents the victory of good over evil.

In Surinam, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Holi celebrations are done in same way. Before the festival, people plant a castor oil plant and then burn this plant as Holika. After planting of this plant, celebrations of dance and songs takes place at homes and temples and continues till the day of Holi.

Special dishes like gulgula, potato ball, bigany, channa, gho ja, kheer, etc. are prepared and served to people at temples. In these temples, large gatherings of people take place to celebrate Holi.

By celebrating this festival, people of Surinam feel close to each other and also feel very close to their traditional Indian culture. With this, children also get to know about the Indian traditions and enjoy it very closely.  Tourists feel immense

fun by celebrating Holi with the Indians located in Surinam. So, if you are planning to visit Surinam then it will be great to see the beauty of country dipped in colors of Holi.

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