Holi is a very popular festival of India but it has no boundaries and gets celebrated all over the world. There are so many Indians settled in United Kingdom and they never miss to enjoy the excitement of this festival. Indian people make the second largest ethnic minority of the United Kingdom and so you can see the passion to celebrate Holi in this country.

Holi Festival celebrations in United Kingdom :

Holi Colors

Holi Colors

There are so many Indian communities which help people to celebrate this festival with joy and to know the culture of India. It is a good chance for people to get close to their family and friends.  These celebrations are also a great way to make new friends and to get close to their cultural roots. Children get chance to know the significance of Indian festivals and know about the religious stories associated with these festivals.

Holi celebrations are noticeable in the area of United Kingdom where large Indians are congregated. Leicester, a city in United Kingdom is very famous for celebrating Indian festivals. At the occasion of Holi, excitement is at its peak in this city. People collect at one place and play colors with each other.

Children also love to enjoy this beautiful festival with colors. They use to spray cans and colors on each other. In evening people visit their relatives and friends to exchange wishes, sweets and gifts. They also follow the tradition to hug each

other and applying tilak on head.

So, in United Kingdom, people celebrate Holi festival with full enjoyment. It will be great to enjoy this festival in United Kingdom with Indian people settled there.

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