Holi is the festival which not only symbolizes the upholding of goodness, but also is a celebration of the colourful love between Radha and Lord Krishna. When we talk about Holi, the first thing that rushes into our heads is the beautiful images. The images of people drenched in those beautiful colours. It is such a vibrant festival that the memories get imprinted in the minds of the people who celebrate the festival and have fun while celebrating.

Holi in USA:

With a large population of Indians settled in the United States of America, Holi is celebrated with huge gaiety here. The festival is

Holi In USA

Holi In USA

celebrated with great enthusiasm in places where Indian population is more. Holi celebrations are particularly marked in the city of New York, a city equivalent to Mumbai in India. There is a huge celebration, with people coming out in parades. People can be seen having so much fun in these parades as they play with the colour in the midst. It’s not only colours, but there is play of water, and people are drenched in coloured water, beyond recognition.
Since the festival isn’t native to USA, people here have a habit of taking images of the festivities to preserve the fond memories. The images taken during the Holi Festival will reflect our joy, enthusiasm and will help us remember some wonderful memories.

The images taken during Holi convey the importance of the festival and create a special feeling in our hearts. There is so much revelry here that it becomes difficult to imagine that New York is a city not based in India.

Different societies formed by the Indians and religious organisations in USA, help people to celebrate this joyous festival and feel close to their cultural roots,

and the Americans too celebrate festivals with great joy with their Indian friends. Music programmes and Holi Meets are also organised by them to mark the occasion. Dance performance, fashion shows and music concerts further add to the festive spirit.

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