A festival of beautiful colors and vibrant moods is nothing but Holi. This Indian festival is world renowned and is celebrated universally. This enthusiastic Indian festival is more popular in villages and one can feel the actual essence of celebrating Holi than in cities.

Holi mela’s are usually organized in small villages and people from different villages come together to have fun during this joyous Indian festival. This festival is a fun for children as well as elders and one can enjoy utmost by celebrating this popular Indian festival.

Holi Mela :

There are many tourists all over the world who specially tour India to be a part of this Holi fair. Lovely colorful clothes and a mood to enjoy this lovely festival is the main motive. Holi mela’s are usually organized with its most popular drink known as bhang and different color powders to apply on each other. This festival of color and dance is full of enthusiasm and fun amongst the people.

This exotic Indian festival has its historical as well as its cultural significance which brings people closer and binds them in relationships. Children enjoy the most as they are allowed to play with beautiful colors and plenty of water. These children splash water and enjoy the fullest as there is no one to deny on this day for their playful Act. Various competitions organized for elders and kids make the occasion more wonderful and pleasing.

Colors, songs and water every where makes this occasion full of fun. People across the country wait for this colorful festival and enjoy its traditional drinks like thandai and bhang. Gunny bags and thalis of different colors and people love applying these colors on each other makes this festival a special occasion. This festival is a symbol of love and affection among the people especially inIndiawhere it is originated.

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