Manipur Yaoshang (Holi) Celebration :

Manipur is the city of festivals, happiness and amusement. There are so many festivals celebrated in Manipur all over the year. According to Manipuri’s, festival represents their cultural, religious and social objectives. All these things help them in enjoying a better life by providing emotional outlet, physical diversions and mental recreation.

Holi is a festival of colors and is one of the most fun-filled Hindu festivals. People enjoy this festival by throwing colored water and colored water on each other. It will be very interesting to know about the Holi celebration in Manipur.

Here, this festival starts on full moon day of Phalguna and celebration continues for five days. Here, Holi is also amalgamated with Yaosang festival. On the first day of festival, people burn the thatched hut of twigs and hay. On first two days, young children collect money from homes as their gifts known as Nakadeng. On the next day, boys make groups and play color with girls and this gives chance of extracting money to girls from boys for playing Holi with them. Playing with colors is full of fun and it makes life colorful.

In temples, devotees wear traditional yellow and white turbans and sing songs in devotion of Lord Krishna. They also play colors in front of temple. On the last day of the festival, people go to the main Krishna temple located near Imphal. There also, celebration is done by performing cultural activities.

‘Thabal Chonga’ which is a special Manipuri dance is also coupled with this festival. Youth perform this dance on the full moon night. Earlier only dholak or drum was allowed to execute this special dance but now modern bands are also used. This dance is performed by youth boys and girls on all the six days of Holi festival.  So, especially for tourists, it is really pleasing to visit Manipur at the time of Holi.

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