Holi is an annual festival which is celebrated to welcome the season of spring. So it is also known as Basant Utsav. It is celebrated on the day after phalgun purnima. This festival is celebrated all over India with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Indians in all other parts of world also celebrate this festival of colors and enjoy. In many parts of India, this festival is celebrated for a week but the last two days are the most important part of this festival. On the first day, people celebrate the tradition of Holika Dahan and on the next day they celebrate the festival by playing colors in the name of Lord Krishna.

Holi Party Ideas :

People celebrate this festival by playing colors with their friends and relatives. In the evening they also exchange gifts and take blessings of their elders. There are many organizations which organize holi party or holi get-togethers. People attend these parties and meet with their friends and known ones. This party also gives them opportunity to make new friends and to make new relationships. Holi parties increase love and respect in relationships.

Cultural programs also take place in these holi parties in which children and other people give their performances. Most of the performances are based on traditional holi songs which make people to come closer to their culture. This gives people an opportunity to represent their talent in front of public. After cultural program, people take feast together and

enjoy. People also sing holi songs and dance on the beat of dhol which is also a holi tradition. So, holi parties make people to enjoy a lot.

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