This occasion of colors and fun is a very famous festival of India. People all overIndiaand abroad await this festival with a lot of enthusiasm. People make prior plans and get to gather’s for this special day. Indian people follow traditional holi pooja for this festival and pray fire god to save good ones and destroy the evil spirits. As per the Indian history Prahlad a good devote was saved from an evil spirit of Holika. Henceforth people started celebrating this vibrating festival of colors.

Holi Special :

Holi Speacial

Lately holi has been one of the dangerous festivals where people are being attacked by harmful chemical colors and unexpected accidents. There are many people who are creating awareness for using herbal colors and playing a safe holi.

It is really very necessary to spread awareness to use safe colors to avoid hazardous festival. People in groups drink thandai and bhang to have a real essence of holi.

There are many shops on every nook and corner that provide this special drink specially made for this festival. Different holi songs which are famous amongst the crowd make holi special.

Holi bhajans and Vedic chants help religious people enjoy holi in their own manner. This occasion is also known for married women where they pray for their husband’s wellbeing. There are many women who also believe in Thandi Holi and usually these women are usually Marwaris who perform a sacred pooja to gain peace and comfort for their family and friends.

Pooja of a bon fire on the first day and then rubbing the sacred ash on the body is considered very auspicious. People do this act to gain prosperity and wash of all sins if done in past. There are different songs which are dedicated for this festival and people love these bollywood special holi songs.

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