The Indian festival holi comes in the months of march – april and this season is known as as spring season. everywhere we can see the scenery of yellow, red and pink flowers. spring season is most beautiful season for different types of plants and trees. this season is the symbol of natural beauty. holi festival falls on the Phalgun Purnima or we can say pooranmashi. prahlad, holika and others are the legends of holi. the significance of holi is also very interesting. 

Significance and history of Holi, Story of Holi –

There is a very interesting story behind the celebration of holi. Once there was a king named hiranya kaship. he was granted a boon by lord Brahma, which made him impossible to die. he got arrogant and then he attacked on the earth and heaven. He said to people that stop worship to god and start to pray me.

His own son names Prahlad was a big devotee of lord vishnu. hiranya kaship said him to stop his prays to lord vishnu. but Prahlad have not done this so. then hiranya kaship given him poision,  but that poision turned to nectar for prahlad. hiranyakaship tried a lot to kill his own son prahlad but not succeed in his mission. at last he said him to sit on the lap of his sister “holika” (who could not die by fire). by doing this holika was died and prahlad was safe by the gress of lord vishnu.

The burning and death of hiranyakashipu’s sister Holika is later celebrated as Holi festival in India. this was the victory of right on the wrong one. this was the victory of prahlad’s pray, holiness.

so this day become more famous in the history of India. after some time Lord Vishnu self came in the form of a Narasimha(half man and half lion god) and then he killed hiranyakaship. he was killed at dusk, on the half of entrance at house, on the lap of god vishnu and mauling him with was the smart way to kill hiranya kaship by lord vishnu. lord Brahma’s granted boon was not broken but hiranya kaship was killed. 

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