Every visitor who come to visit or watch India think about this question that How Many Festivals Are There In India ? or what are the festivals in India ? this is a very common question about Indian festivals, but what about the accuracy of the answer is a real challenge. many people says that India is a country where everyday is a festival and it is celebrated anywhere in India (Anywhere In India). because of India is a very big country, a lots of people are here and they believe in different religions.

In India There are a lots of languages which are spoken, a lots of verity of food, a lots of people of different religion and a lots of there rituals and celebration of different festivals. hindu, muslim, sikh and christian, jain, buddha

 and other lot of religion are here in India and every religion have some different rituals and festivals.


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  1. Reena Yolmo
    August 18th, 2008 | 8:45 pm

    Please send a right website of festivals of karnataka for students project.
    Thank you !!

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