How To Become A Monk:

Monk is a person who gives up all worldly ties and prepares to lead a solitary life by himself or with a group of monks. There can be male and female monks. A monk has to give up all the worldly pleasures. A leisurely life is abandoned and self-control is practiced to the core. Monks like to be away from the maddening crowds and in a peaceful environment. A monk is never scared of the hardships of life and embraces them calmly.

When an individual takes up the life of a monk, he can face major and physical and psychological hardships. The monk always likes to lead a solitary life and feels threatened when he is thronged with a bunch of followers. Some monks do not mind the adulation and like to preach them. Others try to shirk them away by escaping into more intense environment.

Devotion is the key word of a monk. To devote one’s life in the name of God comes with a handful of hardships. This life of hardship is the chosen life of a monk. A monk never draws back from the hardships of life, but draws strength from them and becomes stronger and determined to achieve his goal.

Every religion has its share of famous monks and the unknown monks. The common factors of these monks of diversified religion are that they like to lead a solitary life, are devoted to the Divine Spirit, crave no leisure, and like to live in a peaceful environment. Some monks are known to beg for their food. They consume whatever food they are offered as alms.

Some days can pass without any food. Monks who live in groups may cook for themselves and even feed some poor or astray traveller. Monasteries nowadays provide shelter for monks making their life a little easier.

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