Holi is a very good and colorfull festival of India. On this day people plays with wet and dry colours, they colour each other and give good wishes of holi festival. but now a days many bad colours which are made with dirty chemicals are available in market. Those colors are harmful for our skin and they can damage the tissues of our face skin. Well it is not an easy task to use herbal colors at home because of they are so costly. So here are some easy tips to make dry and wet natural herbal colors at home.

Play Holi With Natural Colors This Time :

(1) Add five teaspoon of Turmeric in a half bucket of water and mix it well. then boil to make this colour more dark and attentive.

(2) Atta, rice flour, maida, arraroot and even talcum powder can be mixed and you can also use them at home as natural colors, none of them are harmful for our skin.

(3) Mix Heena Powder in water and it can also used as wet green color. Take some spinach and coriander paste also to make it more dark green colour.

(4) Yellow Chrysanthemums flowers can be dried in shade and then run all them in mixer, this powder also can be used as yellow colour.

(5) Mix Besan and turmeric powder in some quantity, they both are healthy for our skin.

(6) Leaves of Gulmohur tree also can be used.

(7) Red Sandal Wood powder is used to make red colour. Liquid juice of red tomatoes and carrots are also used to make it more dark.

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