One of the most happy and jolly festivals that is celebrated in India is the festival of colors- Holi. Elders and youngsters ensure they have the right set of vibrant colors and adequate supply of water balloons so that they can naughty and play Holi to their heart’s content. You should not feel terrorized of colors or else your friends and relatives will ensure that you look like a rainbow.

How to Remove Holi Colors from Body:

Everyone loves to play Holi and enjoy the feisty festival with tasty snacks and lots of Bhang. You should take a few precautionary steps to protect your skin and hair from damage. The effect of chemicals can result in itchiness, dryness and so on. If you are thinking of How to remove Holi colors then you must take a bath instantly after playing Holi. A good way of saying goodbye to all the bright colors is by applying oil over your body before playing Holi. You can use a good amount of Olive oil all over your body so that the colors will be erased soon after you bathe.

Nails are extremely sensitive and you should use dollops of Vaseline so that it prevents the clogging of colors. Whether it is wet or dry colors you ensure that the colors are removed so that there is no room for any skin disorders.

In fact you could wear full sleeves clothes so that your skin is protected and it is easier to remove Holi colors. You should

avoid too much scrubbing of the soap as it results in wear and tear of the skin. It may even lead to extreme dryness. If you want to protect our scalp then you must wear a cap or a bandana so that colors do not settle on your scalp.

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