This festival is celebrated all over the India. It is said that Lord Shri Ram was returned to his kingdom ‘Ayodhya (Utter Pradesh)’ after fourteen years exit with sita and laxman. this festival is specialy celebrated in Uttar Pradesh in India.

People clean their houses, shops and temple of ‘Lord Rama’ and decorated with flower or light on this day. There is a heavy rush in the market. Sweets shop and utensil shops are specialy decorated. People make purchases, they purchases sweets, toys, earthen-lamps, fire -works and crackers. A list is also prepared for gifts meant for relatives and friends. .Ladies prepare special food and sweets on the day of deepawali. Business man open new account. In the night all family members worshiped goddess laxmi. They performed pooja or arti and they pray for wealth and prosperity. Then they eat sweet and delicious food. At night people & children play fireworks and crackers. Finally they goes to market see the light. They enjoy tham very much on this day.

On this day people give and take Greeting card, Gifts and sweets from their relatives. People enjoy this festival very much. All family members wear new cloth and they goes to temple of goddess laxmi and pray for health and wealth.

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