Chandra Grahan in Hindu religion is an important movement of moon around earth. It is an important event in space. Lunar eclipse is one of the most beautiful events when earth comes in front of sun and moon. The earth looks in middle of sun and moon. It is also a charming and magical moment of space.  Lunar eclipse affects various zodiac sign differently according to astrology science.

Chandra Grahan Audarya Fellowship :

According to Indian astrology chandra grahan or lunar eclipse is a bad omen. This is not specious day for people but it may be helpful for some especial people. It is depends on a people’s zodiac sign and actual situation.

Some of the people faced Chandra Grahan Audarya Fellowship. It is a rare case for a person who is facing this problem of Chandra Dosh. Chandra Grahan is also important for those people who are facing Chandra Dosh. There is an importance of Chandra Grahan Audarya Fellowship. It affect people according to there zodiac sign.

Chandra dosh is one of the major difficulties for the people who are facing this. There is an importance of removing of chandra dosh during the time of lunar eclipse. During that time people have to follow ritual acts according to Hindu religion to remove or reduce chadra dosh.

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