India is a land of mythologies. It has a rich collection of several ancient texts and scriptures which have been preserved throughout the ages and have played a major role in framing the culture, values and tradition of India.

Popular Indian Fables for Children :

The Indian Fables are famous among these. They are basically short, delightful and ingenious stories which have a moral in its end. These Indian Fables are full of wit and are pretty interesting for the readers. The characters mentioned in these Indian Fables are those of animals such as lion, bear, wolf, owl, fox, etc. One of the most popular Indian Fables is the Panchatantra, which basically means Five Principles. It comprises of animal fables in Sanskrit and dates to around 200 B.C. Some other popular texts containing fables are Hitopadesa and Kathasaritsagara.

Some of the most popular Indian Fables are:

  • Ravana and Sita

    Ravana and Sita - Photo Source : Glow-worm and the Daw

  • The King and his Vassal
  • The Fox and the Villagers
  • The Lion, the Stag, and the Fox
  • Tinsel and Lightning
  • The Monkey and the Looking-glass
  • The Fawn and the Little Tiger
  • The Lion, the Fox, and the Star
  • The Sea, the Fox, and the Wolf
  • The Four Owls
  • The Tiger, the Wolf, and the Fox
  • The Fox and the Farmer’s Dog
  • The Fox in the Well
  • The Birds and the Lime
  • The Wealthy Man and the String
  • The Sword, the Razor, and the Strop
  • The Well-bred and the Ill-bred
  • The Drum and the Soldiers
  • The Owls and the Crows
  • The Fish and the Eagle
  • The Camel and the Pig
  • The Frog and the Snake
  • The Dove and the Grasshopper
  • The Sun and the Glow-worm
  • The Fox and the Crabs
  • The Assembly of Animals
  • The Worm and the Sun
  • The Dog and the Dog-dealer
  • The Banquet of the Beasts
  • The Beasts and the Fishes
  • The Wise Man and His Two Pupils
  • The Lion and His Cub
  • The Peacock, the Goose, and the Turkey
  • The Fools and the Drum
  • The Fox and the Tame Elephant

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