India is a great country not only by the people living here belongs to various or difference type of religion but also all of those enjoy festivals of each other in the nation together. This is a country of hopes and desire of people. Those people of India fulfill their hopes and desire through various religious and colorful festivals during the various natural seasons.

There is a list of festivals comes in the month of November, 2012. during this month of November in year 2012 there are so charming and entertaining festivals are coming. The most important feature of this month’s festival is that in this month various festivals belong to various religion and communities. There is a list of this month of November as followings.

Indian Festivals In November, 2012 :

  • Diwali : 13 November
  • Muharram :  24 November
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti : 28 November

All of above are the major festivals comes in the month of November in year of 2012.  All of above will celebrated in India with great feelings of joy.

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