Indian Independence day 15 August, 1947 is a very popular day for An Indian. It is a very special day in Indian history which is celebrated on 15th August annually. On this great day India got freedom from British rule. Indian people celebrate this day as a national holiday with remembering to Indian freedom fighters and great leaders.

Indian Independence Day :

On this occasion there are many cultural programs organized by schools, institutions and then sweets are distributed to the students. 15 August is celebrated as Independence Day every year by Indian people and government with a great joy. This national festival celebrated with great zeal in all over the country India. On 15 August special programs are organized by government in Delhi the capital of India.

On this occasion flag hosting ceremonies and cultural programs are organized all over the India. Special programs are held in Delhi at Red Fort Special parades are organized and the prime minister gives speeches to the people of India and then colorful dance from various stats and cultural programs are organized.

Independence Day remember us to our freedom fighters and their sacrifice for our country freedom. Their great sacrifice really inspires and instills loyalty in our heart. This day also remembers us to our great leaders who were fight against British rule and after freedom they handled our country successfully.

On this day special cultural programs are organized by peoples in which colorful dances, special parade and singing of patriotic songs are the main attractions.

Those patriotic songs fills patriotic favor and love for motherland in our heart. Many people decorate their things with Indian colorful flag like on car, bike, shops etc.

This day is celebrated by many peoples with great manner and full of entertainment.

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