Indian music has various styles due to its rich and pure culture. Indian singing is very popular due to its proper formation and effective sound.

All theses have their own importance in their field. The principle of indian music is based on the Taal and ragas. There are seven notation of ragas – Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa. Mainly Indian singing style can be categorized as classical, Folk and modern styles.

Indian Singing Styles:

Classical Music – this is also called Vedic music (divorced since 13 century) founded in Peninsular and central-northern part of India. Types- Carnatic, Hindustani

Folk Music – folk singing is based on the area and culture. At various place in India their locals innovate some basic and traditional singing styles. Types- Bauls (Bengal), Bhangara( Punjab), Dandiya( Gujarat),Lavani(Maharashtra), Qawwali( Sufi form of singing), Rajasthani(Rajasthan)

Modern Music – it is basically mix up of Indian classical and fast track music of western. It is very popular styles in films and stage singing. Types- Indi-Pop, Rock & metal

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