India exhibits one of the most interesting socio-religious heritages of the world.  Its diversity in terms of religion, rituals, beliefs and region has emanated a long list of festivals and celebrations. All Indian festivals are unique in nature and have their own special significance and way of celebration.

Unity In Diversity On Indian Festivals :

Although the country is known for having extensively long range festivals, it is a verity that each festival has its own meaning, consequence and reason to be celebrated. However, the most interesting point to jot down here is the act that though the country is divided into various religions, the festivals have not lost their importance in any term.

In fact, during all Indian festivals, people of all regions come together and celebrate it unitedly. Naturally this puts down one of the biggest examples of secularism.

People believe that it is the time during the Indian festivals, when one gets to see the best results of Unity in diversity. Where Hindus come together to meet their Muslims brothers and sisters, Muslim populace also shows no stone unturned in showing rue spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood during the festivities of Holi, Diwali and other Hindu Festivals. Even Christian, Sikhs and Jains come together like one big family.

Indian Festivals are celebrated to re-live the golden moments :

Festivals are basically celebrated to re-live the spirit of good actions or occasions.  Like most countries, in India also, most festivals are fêted to reminisce the great deeds performed by God.

In fact a very good example of such great deed celebration is Diwali. Diwali is the occasion of Lord Ram homecoming after slaughtering Rawan, the demon. Among all Indian festivals, Holi and Diwali are major ones and are celebrated with great pomp, feasts, excitement and vibrancy. Some of the other most celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed Festivals are Dussehra, Navratri, Id, Lohri, Basant, Janmashtami, and Shivratri.

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