The festival of diwali is a festival of lights. It is celebrated mainly by the Hindus, Shikhs and Janis. According to the Hindus diwali is celebrated in the memory of victory of goodness over badness. On this day the lord Rama returns to Ayodhaya after won from demon Ravana.

How Jain People Celebrate Diwali :

According to the sheikhs the festival of Diwali celebrated in the memory of Guru Gobind ji when they return from the jail of Gwalior.

The Jain festival Diwali is celebrated by the jainis in the memory of Lord Mahavira who was the last the 24th Thirthnkaras of the Jaini people. It is the celebration of Nirvana of Lord Mahavira.

The festival celebrated in the month of Octomber/November. Some of the people think that the festival of Diwali started by Jain community first than adopted by The Hindus. This is the five days festival and during these days worship is offered to Navpads.

In Bihar Chhath puja is popular on this occasion. On this day the community of Jainis meets each other and they gives wishes to each other for the bright future and new achievement of life. they wish each other to walk on the path of Lord Mahavira.

The festival of diwali is the festival for all communities which can celebrate it in the sense of goodness over badness or evil. the poojan ceremony also takes main part of diwali in jaini people, because of they perform pooja with a grate festivity.

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