Shri Guru Rajendra Suri was the religious Guru of Jain religion. He was one of the kindest full and religious followers of religion of Jainism. He always worship for Jain religion and tried for welfare of this community in India. He had born at Thirpur village near Banaskantha in state of Gujarat. This village is almost 60 km. away from the border of India-Pakistan.

This is the town which is famous in all around India as a big hearted people town. Thirpur is also known as the name of Thirdi and Tharadara among the people of the country.

Thirpur is very famous place as a Thirth for Janis and has some of beautiful memories of Shri Guru Rajendra Suri. He born here and spread out his religious thoughts among the society of Jainism. He always worked for welfare of poor and helpless people from any religion and community. He was the personality who never lost his religious thoughts entire life.

  • Shri Guru Rajendra Suri Jayanti : 11th January 2011

Shri Guru Rajendra Suri Jayanti each year celebrated by the all community of Janis and organizes various welfare programs for people to help them. Shri Guru Rajendra Suri Jayanti in 2011 will be celebrating as on 11th January 2011. This is the day to remember the great human personality who works for welfare of human beings in his whole life.

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