The Jambheshwar Fair is celebrated twice a year on Phalgun Budi Amavasya and Ashvin Budi Amavasya in the village mukam of tehsil Nokha, Bikaner District. In memory of Jambheshwar ji. He taught 29 articles of religion and hence the term Bishnoi from Bees (twenty) and Nau (nine).

Jambheswar ji has says 120 sayings during his life time period which propagate the cardinal virtues of self-control, truth and non-violence. He was great saint and philosopher. His followers are popularly known as Bishnoi and they are so protective about forest and animals.

Near the Nokha Town, there are two temples of Jambheshwar, one in the village Mukam, The Temple at Mukam has the samadhi of Jambheswarji and the other on Samarthal. A large fair is held in February-March on Phagun Budi Amavasya each year. peoples are comes from Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. The second fair which is a smaller, is attended by local people coming in from neighbouring villages on camels, bullock carts and even on foot.

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