Janmashtami festival is a special day for the Indian children’s. This day people arrenge games of “matki fod” in big ground in mid in the city. The festival of janmashtmi is also famous for the special game of ‘Matki fod’. The matki fod contest is the main attraction of many peoples on the day of janmashtami every year. At first a pot which is also known as ‘Matki’ is filled with milk, curds, honey, butter and mishri etc.

Then this pot can be suspended on the height of 25-40 feet’s Then young boys supports each other and make a circle then make pyramid one by one standing on others shoulders. At last who so ever reach and break the matki will be announced as the winner of matki fod competition .

Ladies prepare special food, sweets and specially ‘Makhan’ butter and ‘Mishri’ on their home and they offer to ‘Lord Krishna’. It is said that lord krishna likes milk product makhan, butter and mishri he like very much so this day people served makhan, butter and mishri in children.

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