“Kabhi Ram Ban Ke Kabhi Shyam Ban Ke” is a religious song of Hindus. It is devotional song which requesting to lord come on the earth through various Avatars like as lord Rama, as lord Krishna, as lord Shiva, as lord Vishnu or as lord Ganesh. According to the lyric of this song it is a soft song represent feature of lord as various Avatars. This song beautifully sung by the singer and we can say it is absolutely magnificent devotional song.

It is the song which gives us a spiritual feeling to love our mythological rituals. It described how lord cares to human beings. It is a beautiful devotional song in nature. It is a nice and well concept of thoughts about our spiritual desire.

Lyric of Kabhi Ram Ban Ke Kabhi Shyam Ban Ke :

kabhi ram ban ke kabhi shyam

kabhi ram ban ke kabhi shyam


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