Astami of Kaal Bhairav Nath is also known as the names of Kalastami or Kal Bhairav Astami or Kal Bhairav Jayanti of Mahakal Bhairavastami. Kal Bhairav Astami is one of the most auspicious days or festivals in Hindu religion. On this day a form of lord Shiva Kal Bhairav appeared on the earth for removing of evils.

Kal Bhairav Astami observed each year and mainly it is celebrated as Mahakal Bhairav Astami on eighth day after full moon day or Purnima in Margashirsha month of Hindu calendar.

Celebration of Mahakal Bhairav Astami:

Each of the years in India people from Hindu religion celebrated this day of Mahakal Bhairav Astami with holy feelings. During that time of festival devotee of lord Shiva observe worship to lord Shiva and Kal Bhairav. They also observe a ritual fast during that time of celebration. They perform various Tantras – Mantra Vidhya for achieving blessing of Mahakal.

Mahakal Bhairav Astami in 2013: 25 November

Mahakal Bhairav Astami comes as on after eighth day of Purnima in month of Margashirsha in Hindu religion.

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