Karni Mata Fair is celebrated at Deshnok, a small town in Bikaner district. Karni Mata Fair is far twice a year, the first and largest fair is held in March-April in the Navratras chitra shukla to chaitra shukla dashmi. The second fair of karni mata held in October-November also during the Navratras.

Karni mata was an ascetic, who life dedicated to the service poor and helpless people. people is believed that she possessed super natural powers. The Karni Mata temple is situated in Deshnok. It is made by stone and marble structure and is also known as Madh.

The temple is thrown open to the devotees early in the morning at 4.00 a.m. A peculiar characteristic of the temple is the legion of brown cats roaming about in large numbers in the temple. They are considered auspicious and the devotees make offerings. many devotees donate cash for temple maintenance and development.

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