Karwa Chauth is the day of celebration by Hindu Married Women. On the day of Karwa Chauth women keep fast, even without having a drop of water. Women keep fast for long and healthy life of their husband.

Karwa Chauth Festival Celebration By Hindu Women:

They pray for security and prosperity for their husband. A story of Lord Shiva and Parvati is behind this fast or vrat.


Once a time goddess Parvati asked to Lord Shiva that how can a women make secure life of her husband. Then lord Shiva told Parvati about Karwa chauth that a man will get bless for long and secure life who’s wife will have fast and pooja of Karwa Chauth.

According to legends, this vrat kept in the town of Shukraprastha by Veeravati, the daughter of Ved sharma and Leela vati first of all. Story of veeravati is also a part of doing this fast. After fasting of veeravati this fast or vrat is keeping by married women’s till now. Karwa Chauth falls on the fourth day of new moon and 9 day before Diwali festival. Women who keep this vrat or fast observed bless of “Saobhagyavati” (immortality for her wifehood). Preparation for fast starts before one day of Karwa Chauth. Women goes to market to purchase things of pooja like Mehandi, bangles, Bindi etc. if they not have yet at home. These things are the symbol of married women. They wear and apply them for getting long and secure Wife hood.

Women wakes up early in the morning. They take holy bath and prepare some food to eat before sunrise. After that they start to do daily work. They apply Mehandi on hands and feet. In afternoon women’s gathered at some common place like temple, garden or at someone’s place who is also keeping this fast. Elderly women says the story of Karwa Chauth to all women. They establish a pot of clay filing with fresh water or milk (Kalash), adopting Pancharatna over it before starting of Karwa Chauth story. After listening Karwa Chauth story pot they donate it to Brahmin person.

At night times women’s who get thrusters and hungers wait for moon arising. Husband’s of there has also come to home for further processing of fast or Vrat pooja. When moon comes to seem women see the reflection of moon into the water. After that they serve water to moon

first of all. After finishing times o pooja, Husband serves water to his wife to drink. Women drink water and serve it back to their husband. This vrat or fast is very popular and effective in Hindu culture.

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