Like all other states in India, Kerela has its own list of festivities and celebrations that the state celebrates with lots of enthusiasm and fervour. Blessed with beautiful backwaters, greenery and a varied culture, Kerela is one of the most sought after tourist destination that people all over the world look forward to visit.

Most important festivals of Kerela are as follows:

1. Onam: Onam is the harvest festival of Kerela. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and every Keralite takes an active part in the celebration.

The people dress up in new clothes on this day and visit religious places to offer their prayers. They decorate their homes in the best way they can as they believe that King Mahabali comes to visit. The best part of Onam is the snake boat race that is popular among the masses.

2. Id-ul-Fitr: Id is an auspicious occasion for the Muslims that mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the month to seek forgiveness. The Muslims spend the thirty days of Ramadan. On the day of Id the Muslims dress up in their finest clothes and go to the mosques to offer their prayers. People visit each other and celebrate Id.

3. Christmas: Christmas is celebrated worldwide on the 25th of December yearly and the Christians celebrate Christmas by visiting churches, singing carols, and decorating the Christmas tree with presents underneath it.

4. Thiruvathira: This festival is celebrated in the months of December – January. This festival is specially celebrated by the women, who fast on this day to seek blessings from God for the wedded concord and a happy married life. The women who fast on this day do not have anything that is made of rice. The women celebrate this festival by dancing and celebrating.

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