Kethu Bhagwan (Neptune) at Keezhperumpallam:

The deity of lord Kethu is one of the Navgraha. This is one of the nine planate of universe. this deity affects those people who are suffering from Ketu dosham. There are many temples through out India but the most famous or popular temple of lord ketu is Keezhperumpallam.

This temple is situated 6 km far from Thiruvengaadu. Lord Ketu’s wife is Chitralekha. The supervisory deities are Naaganaadaswamy and his wife Ambal. Persons who are troubling by Kethu dosham are suffering with bad habits, fears of dacoits, loss of face, loss of property, putra dosham. A person removes all the sufferings of Ketu dosham by worshiping the Kethu bhagwan. sight, land, property, gold, fame, vehicle, children, happiness, wife, unexpected property increases are the valuable aspects of Kethu Bhagavan.

This temple of Kethu bhagwan at Keezhperumpallam is one of the most visited temples of lord Kethu in India. the divine power of this temple and the shrine of lord Kethu is world famous. Each of the year thousands of people visited this place. On the festival time this temple adorned by various elements like flowers and lights, lamps etc. this is a beautiful temple of lord Kethu bhagwan in Tamil Nadu.

Kethu is one of the nine planate of universe. those all nine planate affect a person’s life. According to horoscope those called Navgraha. Due to the importance of Navgraha in ancient time of Tamil Nadu people made those nine temples of Navgrahas. Keezhperumpallam is one of the nine temples of lord Kethu. Kethu is known as naptune planate. This planate is the last one among all Navgrahas.

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