Manipur is the land of green farms. Commonly it is known as the state of beauty and nature. It is the exquisite work of art which is beautifully done by the nature. Literally Manipur means a jewelry land. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of independent India said about Manipur, this is the land of jewel.

Manipur is not only famous for its natural beauty but also it is known as the land of folk dance and culture. Khamba Thoibi dance is one of the most beautiful dances of this state Manipur.

Khamba Thoibi is not only a dance it is a showcase of a love story of a poor youth (Khamba) with a princess (Thoibi). It is a dance of emotions and feelings of a hero with her heroin. This is a very soft dance in which beautiful movement raises by both dancers to generate feelings of love through their movement and expressions. In this dance hands of both dancers slowly move in the beginning and their feet up and down slowly with the rhythm of music.

The story of Khamba and Thoibi started with the death of Khamba’s father. Than he lived with his uncle but his uncle disliked him. Khamba become a milkman to earn some money. Actually Khamba liked to play a sport for this purpose he needed much more money so he went to a king to do some work. He meets Thoibi there who was the princes of the king. This story has three parts but last part not plays on the stage because it is representing evils.

For this dance dancers need not only move their hands and feet with the rhythm but also they have to express the situation with their face. Face is the way of expression of feelings.

As audience can imagine the creation of story with the beautiful dance steps. It is so beautiful and magical dance, so everyone can like it. here is a nice video attached here, please take a look.

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