Shyamji Temple in khatu shyamji, which is at Sikar district of Rajasthan is a very famous temple. Khatu villages famous for its Shyamji temple. khatu shyamji fair held in the month of february – march and Hindi month Phalgun Sudi Dashmi to Dwadashi. Thousands of devotees visit the khatu shyamji temple during fair each year. khatu shyamji is an incarnation of lord Krishna.

Hundreds of devotees come for the Jadula ceremony of their children. An interesting legend connects the place to the epic Mahabharata war. The fair shows religious rituals and traditions of diffrent people. Devotees comes to khatu shyamji Fair and while dancing, singing and celebrating they create a lovely atmosphere. people of other community can also come here and participate in khatu shyamji fair.

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