Rajasthan is a rich culture and tradition of various fairs and festivals to follow various ritual and religious thoughts of people belongs to various communities. Khatu Shyamji is one of those famous fairs of this state of India. Khatu Shyamji is a form of lord Krishna. He is most famous deity among the Hindu religion follower of state.

In Rajasthan there is a big temple Khatu Shyamji and there each of the years a fair organizes. Though, during the whole year people visited to this temple for worshiping Khatu Shyamji but during the time of fair lakhs of people come here and prayed to Khatu Shyamji for their batter fortune, health and wealth. This is a three day fair which organizes from 10th day to 12th day of Phalgun month of Hindu calendar.

Khatu Shyamji temple has a myth according to a great epic of Hindu religion the ‘Mahabharata’. The story related to grandson of Bhima named Barbarik. Barbarik come before the beginning of Mahabharata battle and requested to lord Krishna and pandavas to take him their side for battle. But lord Krishna knows about the power of Bararik that he can win three worlds and it will not be fare to take him his side. To avoid this situation lord Krishna come in front of Barbarik in a form of Brahmin and got a daan from his to avoid his participation during battle. This myth causes for the fair of Khatu Shyamji.

  • Khatu Shyamji Mela In Year 2011 : From 16th to 18th of March

Khatu Shyamji fair is a time for religious activities on that temple of Khatu

Shyamji and as like the previous year in year 2011 it will be held from 16th of March for three days.

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