The popular idol of shri Sonana Khetlaji is situated in village sonana of Pali district. this Khetlaji Fair can be celebrated two during days and helds every year in the month of may June. it is a very famous Hindu Religious fair of rajasthan. Thousands of devotees come to congregate here during the fair held in honour of the deity, Khetlaji.

The fair attracts a large number of devotees. who is believed the deity has
powers to grant wishes. Many devotees arrive to pray for their wishes or for
thanksgiving, after their wishes have been completed. In the fair, there are
many fancy shops, handicrafts and household thing. people also being
organised music, folk dance and Gair dancers of colorful rajasthani people
like in royal style.

The local people organised horse show, It is the unique feature of the fair
that attracts tourists. The hundreds of horses at the fair that have been
well trained to perform tricks and dance to the beats of drums with the
characteristic local rhythm.

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