Kojagari Purnima also known Sharad purnima is the full moon night of month Ashwin ( September – October). This night is the starting of winter session. It is the night on which people worship goddess Laxmi.

Kojagari Purnima (Sharad Purnima) Celebration India :

It’s assumed that on this night Goddess Laxmi goes door to door and check who is awake and doing pooja, it is said. People who found awake get bless for better wealth and prosperity. So people awake whole night under the light of full moon and worship goddess Laxmi by singing devotional bhajans and pooja etc. People avoid hard food and take only milk and Coconut water etc.

A story behind this is that once there was a Brahmin. He was poor but happy with his life. But his wife demands more then he earns. She demand much more money from Brahmin and say him to earn money by any way even stealing. So the Brahmin went out and reached at a shop shore. He heard voices of some ladies.

He told them about his poor condition. Ladies became agree to help him on one condition that he had to play “songatya” – game of money, with them. At start he refused but letter get ready to play. He loosed each and everything in game because he nothing to know about it. At last he won the game by the blessings of goddess Laxmi and married with all these three rich ladies.

  • Date of famous Kojagari Purnima this year is: 29 Oct. 2012

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