Kolayat Fair people known as kapil muni fair. It is the largest fair of bikaner district in Rajasthan. This fair held in the Hindi month of Karlik Porrima at kolayat originally known as Kapilayatan. named after kapil muni sage who is believed to have done meditation(tapasya) here.

A holly temple of Kapil Muni is situated on the Kapil Muni ghat and statue of the saint it has a manufacturer by marble. hundreds of people come to Kolayat to take a holy dip in the Kolayat sacred lake, but it said that on Karlik Porrima is very auspicious to take a dip in sacred lake.

A cattle fair is also held in conjunction with the Kapil Muni Fair. In cattle fair camels, Buffaloes, horses and animal are sale by traders. In fair people sings bhajan and traditional music with dance etc.

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