Kshamavaani Day or kshama Divas of Jain People –

Kshamavani day is a day of forgiving and seeking forgiveness for the people of Jain community. Kshamavani festival is also known as ‘khamat khamna’ and Jain peoples celebrates this festival with joy and happiness. The day of Kshamavani or ‘khamat khamna’ is permit to all over beg of forgiveness for any type of sins, wrongs, excesses during year. This is one of the day when people take all the responsibility of any sorrow, pain, or anguish caused to by their own.

We can simply understand the mean of “Kshamavaani divas” by this :-
Kshama – mean forgive and, Divas – mean day.

All Jain people want on this Kshamavani or ‘khamat khamna’ day, that their past sins are forgiven and people start life afresh and living in peaceful co-existence with others. kshamavaani festival is a symbol of the growth of spiritual purity. someone has said that ‘A forgiver sleeps soundly and peacefully. On this holy day every member of the Jain community approaches everyone, irrespective of religion, and begs for forgiveness for all their faults or mistakes, committed either knowingly or unknowingly.

During this time most of the people goes for the prayer and worship in different Jain temples. On this day of Kshamavaani or ‘khamat khamna’ day every person of Jain community approaches his or her neighbor, friends, colleague, kith and kin and co-worker in office, business and industry irrespective of his or her caste, creed and clan. people begs pardon of them for all past faults or mistakes on this day.

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