According to Hindu mythology Kumbhakarna was one of the brothers of Ravana, the king of Lanka. Kumbhakarna means a person with ears like a pot. He was a giant and is sometimes described as big as the mountain. He had a great appetite and had an innocent mind. Kumbhakarna killed many rishis and ate them.

Mythological Tales Kumbhakarna :

According to the mythology Kumbhakarna along with his brothers performed tapasya to get blessing from Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma


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asked Kumbhakarna to wish for a boon, at that time Saraswati tied his tongue due to which Kumbhakarna asked for Nindraasan instead of Indraasan. Lord Brahma granted Kumbhakarna his wish.

Ravana came to know about it and immediately requested Lord Brahma to undo his boon. Lord Brahma told Ravana that he cannot undo his wish, but decided that Kumbhakarna will sleep for six months and remain awake for next six months.  So since then whenever Kumbhakarna used to wake up after his six months sleep, he used to get extremely hungry and ate whatever he could get hold of including humans too.

When Lord Rama raged war at Lanka, he succeeded in humiliating Ravana several times in war. Ravana decided to take Kumbhakarna help. After lot of difficulty and effort Ravana managed to wake up Kumbhakarna, but Kumbhakarna told Ravana that what he did was wrong and he should return Sita back to Lord Rama and stop the war immediately.

Ravana insisted him to help him with war and finally when Kumbhakarna was reminded about the honor of rakshasa dynasty, he agreed to his brother’s request. Kumbhakarna charged at the vanara army with his full might and ate many monkeys. He even managed to injure Hanuman and knocked down Sugreeva

unconscious. Lord Rama decided to put an end to it and engaged in a fight with Kumbhakarna. Finally Lord Rama used a divine and deadly arrow to kill Kumbhakarna. But before dying, Kumbhakarna uttered the name of Lord Rama.

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