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Mahapuranas are basically a genre of religious Hindu texts. There are about eighteen Mahapuranas and Kurma Purana is one of them. The Kurma Purana describes about the Kurma Avatar and it is believed that Lord Vishnu directly narrated it to sage Narada. Narada revealed the contents of this puranas to Suta and Suta then narrated the Kurma Purana to the congregation of great sages.

The Kurma Purana has been translated from Sanskrit to English by learned Brahmins and has been made available to a common man. The printed edition of Kurma Purana has been divided into two parts (bhagas), Purvabhaga and Uttarabhaga. Purvabhaga consists of 53 chapters whereas Uttarabhaga consists of 46 chapters.

The ancient Kurma Purana originally consisted of four sections (samhitas), they were; Brahmi Samhita, Bhagavati Samhita, Sauri Samhita and Vaisnavi Samhita.

The Brahmi Samhita comprises of 6,000 verses known as slokas. The Bhagavati Samhita comprises of 4,000 slokas and is further divided into five sub-sections known as padas. The Bhagavati Samhita is also known by the name of Pancapadi and describes the duties of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras and mixed castes.

The Sauri Samhita consists of 2,000 slokas and is further divided into six padas. It defines six magic acts such as Santi, Vasikarana, Stambhana, Vidvesana, Uccatana and Marana. The Vaisnavi Samhita consists of 5,000 slokas and is further divided into four padas which tells about moksa dharma.

Something About Kurma Avatar :

According to the puranas, Lord Vishnu descended to earth to restore the mystic nectar known as amrita along with other relevant things to the mankind. To the order of Lord Vishnu, several gods churned the sea of milk. After churning the sea of milk 14 precious things were produced. With the help of these 14 precious things the gods were able to restore their authority over the demons. The churning of milk refers to a time before the birth of earth, the sea of milk refers to the expanse of space and the seeds and materials of future worlds.

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