Labour Day also known as a day of workers. Labour Day is dedicated to workers and employers for their big contribution in economic and social areas. By the efforts of Labour Union Movement, an annual holiday is celebrated in all over the world.

Chai wala at Village

A Chai wala at Village

The first Labour Day was celebrated in New York city, America on Tuesday, 5 September, 1882. American Federation of Labour convention (1909) had accepted Labour Day as a Labour Sunday. The Father of the Labour Day is ‘Peter J. McGuire’.

Some countries are celebrated a public holiday on The Labour Day like New Zealand. In the beginning, in all over the world Labour Day was celebrated on the different times. For example- in America.

Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September month and in New Zealand, Labour Day is celebrated on the fourth Monday of October month. But later, Labour Day was declared on the 5 September.

On the Labour Day many programs are organized to increase the education and social status of workers

or labours. On the Labour Day every man and woman must be worshiped to God for their jobs and especially for their health and strength.

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