Labour Day also known as a International Workers Day. Labour Day was originated in the United states. Labour Day such a remarkable day for the workers or labors. Labour Day is devoted to labors for their achievements in varied zone. Labour Day is a day to give tribute to all men and women workers. Labour Day is not devoted to man, living beings or dead and any race or nation.

An annual holiday is celebrated on the labour day in all over the world. Peter J. McGuire, a founder of the American federation Of Labour, he had made an idea for an annual demonstration and public holiday from Canadian trade unionists. He is also known as ‘the father of Labour Day’. By the efforts of Peter J. McGuire, labour day is celebrated.

Some people believed that labour day is a Canadian invention. In Canada, labour day is celebrated on the birthday of Queen Victoria.

Labour Day In Year 2013 :-

  • Date of the Labour Day is 02 September 2013.

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