May Day The Labour Day of India:

Lot of people thinks that labour day means a day off and end of the summer. Labour Day is dedicated to men and

Chai wala at Village

A Chai wala at Village

women workers or labors because of their huge contribution in economic and social sector. On the labour day an annual holiday is celebrated. Since 1894, labour day is celebrated as a national holiday in the United States and Canada.
Peter J. McGuire, who was the general secretary of Brotherhood of carpenters and joiners and a founder of the American Federation of Labour, made an idea of the labour day. It is believed that a credit for the labour day is goes to Peter J. McGuire.

He is called ‘the father of Labour Day’. The roots of labour day are find in America. In America, the first labour day was celebrated on 05 September 1882. In present, labour day is linked with fairs and festival. Labour Day is celebrated with a

great passion and pleasure. Labours or workers and their families have a massive happiness and enjoyment.

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