Lalita Panchami is one of the major festival falls during the festival of Navratra in the county of India. This is the festival observe on fifth day during Navratra.

Lalita Panchami Celebration In India :

This festival observes to worship goddess Lalita. Goddess Lalita is one of a form of Shakti or Power of Goddess Durga. Lalita Panchami observes each of the years in all over India but it is mainly celebrated in Maharashtra and Gujarat state of India. Lalita Devi is representing the five elements of universe air, earth, fire, water, and space. It is a symbol of Pancha Mahabhutas.

Goddess Lalita appeared on the earth to destroy a demon Bhanda. The demon Bhanda was created from an ashes of Kama or Manmata. Manmata disturbed the lord Shiva from his tapas. It makes lord Shiva anger and he destroyed Manmata from his third eye. But after blessing of Shiva the ashes of Manmata turned into demon Bhanda.

After blessing from lord Shiva demon Bhanda tried to rule over the universe. Goddess Lalita appeared on the earth to destroy demon Bhanda and his unnecessary things form earth.  Lalita Panchami is started to be celebrate as a main day of worship goddess Lalita during the time of Navratra festival. During that time most of people observe a ritual fast and engages with various types of religious acts. They perform a prayer for goddess Lalita. They fed meals to hungers. They do charity to needy and poor persons on that day. They also perform other ritual and religious things to follow rules of fasting day of Lalita Panchami.

Lalita Panchami Festival In Year 2012: 19 Oct. 2012

Lalita Panchami observe each of year on fifth day of Navratra festival. This festival is an auspicious day in Gujarat and Maharashtra states of India mainly.

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