Lalita Panchami is the fifth day of Navratra celebration. It is the day of worshiping one of the incarnation of goddess Durga called “Lalita Devi”. She is worshiped by keeping fast of Lalita Panchami by the many people In India. People keeps fast for getting wealth, Happiness and knowledge on this day of Lalita Panchami festival.

Story Behind Lalita Panchami Vrat :

Story behind worshiping goddess Lalita devi is that :- she killed demon Bhanda. He was the creation of ashes of “Kamadev”. Once upon a time when lord Shiva goes into deep intense, Kamdev disturbed him.

Lord Shiva got angry and punished Kamdev by opening his third eye and fired him. One Gana’s of lord Shiva use the ashes of Kamdev and drew a figure of man. When Shiva look at glanced to that figure it get alive. He get Name an Bhanda. After that Bhanda starts to make suffer people by his power what he get by lord Shiva.

Then King “Lord Indra” arranged a yagya to get power for fighting with Bhanda. Then Goddess called Lalita came to help them. Bhanda was killed by the Goddess Lalita and people get relaxed from the

torture of demon Bhanda. Kamdev is restored after killing of Bhanda from the ashes to his original body.

Lalita Panchami In Year 2012 :

  • Date of famous Lalita Panchami celebration this year is: 19 Oct. 2012

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