Meditation is a unique technique of getting inner peace. It is famous for its spiritual connection between a human and inner Soul. First of all we just have to sit in a comfortable position. Then we can site in cross legged posture which is a Traditional position of sitting on ground flour. One can get fully relaxation after doing meditation if it can be done Daily minimum thirty minutes.

The main benefit of meditation and yoga is for stress relief; because of our daily life is full of tension and thus anyone Want to get some relief from daily routine stress.

Learning How to Meditate:

Meditation is a very easy process; any person can do meditate at any time of any place. during the morning time it is best to Meditate but you can also meditate during while waiting for something, while driveling car, waiting to sleep to come, and at The midnight. Here we present some easy steps to learn How to Meditate.

(1). Wear Comfortable Clothing (while Comfortable clothes are very good to use).

(2). Make Peaceful Atmosphere.

(3). Play meditation music (light music for) in background.

(4). Close your eyes.

(5). Breathe in Slowly and Breathe Out.

(6). Concentrate on your breathing. And Listen all things which are happening in background like any

dog barking or any sound you are hearing.

(7). Open your eyes slowly when you feel relaxed.

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