Holi is a festival celebrated with great fanfare in India, though India isn’t the only place where Holi is celebrated. Holi is celebrated in many countries all over the world, though it was originated in India. It is one of the oldest festivals that is being celebrated in the country, and is celebrated even today with great excitement.

The Legend of Holi :

Like almost all the festivals celebrated in India, even Holi has a legend behind its celebration; in fact Holi has more than one legend

Shri Narsingh Jayanti

God Narsingh - Prahlad Story

justifying it. The popular legend is about the story of Prahlad. Prahlad was a young and devout devotee of lord Vishnu, but his father disliked the fact and was opposed to Prahlad. He tried different ways to kill Prahlad, and in his efforts he asked his sister, holika to kill Prahlad.

Holika was immune to burns of fire and so she sat with Prahlad on a bonfire, thinking that Prahlad would be burned down to ashes. That was not to be and holika, who was supposed to be immune, got burned to death instead and Prahlad walked out unscathed. Because of this Holi is regarded as festival marking the triumph of good over evil. This is the reason why people burn bonfire while celebrating Holi, thus symbolising the triumph of Good.

Holi is also a celebration of love between Radha and Krishna, and is celebrated with lot many customs and traditions in many part of the country. Especially in barsana, the celebration of Holi is unique in a way that they symbolise the love between Lord Krishna and Radha.

The kind of Holi celebrated over here is called as Lath-maar Holi, which is celebrated in literal sense of the name. In Bihar too Holi is celebrated with divine love of Radha Krishna as the theme. Palanquins are taken out with their idols and devotees sing and dance around it, celebrating the colourful festivals with colours.

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