Meditation is the path of light that help to get divinity from humanity. It is used as a technique for personal growth also. It builds the connection of our mind with our soul. It is the process to concentration (dharana), Meditation (dayana) and absorption (Samadhi).

It gives feeling to get something more then our five senses of human body. It makes a pure connection between our mind and heart (mana). So there is a big role of meditation in life. We can make our life stress less and easy with this.

Apart from this it include a positive attitude in our life by making positive thoughts and concentration in our mind. It removes the stress and tension from our mind which creates and we can get rid of wrong thought of our mind. Many Professionals people follows meditation to secure themselves from from wrong activities and get positive energy from the Nature.

Meditation In Life:

Meditation is an oldest traditional technique to repair and secure from any kind of illness. It’s as old as life on earth. The main motive of meditation is to treat and secure our body and soul without any kind of medicine. It’s the process of getting the Energy of nature by using senses of body from a concentration of our mind. It gives a calm and cool feeling to our soul also.

Meditation Techniques:

To meditate our body properly we need to follow proper meditation techniques. This technique gives better output against our own process of doing about meditation. It comprises:

• Concentrative meditation
It’s the process to connect our mind with breath of heart. we can feel that when our mind is having stress and tension ,our breath get fast. It consumes the extra energy of our body without zero output. So this technique is used to mind on breath and try to reduce it up to normal level.

• Zen Based Meditation
It is based on focusing on something like background music, a classical rhythm etc. it take away our mind from current thoughts of our mind.

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