The little India festival organised by Toronto in every year. In little
India festival Toronto’s is a festival-like atmosphere find Indian-food
restaurants, grocers, and shops that specialize in traditional clothing like saris and brightly-coloured scarves. At night, the streets and shops are lit with strings of multi-coloured lights.

Toronto’s Indian community congregate here, where it seems as though there is always a party going on. Toronto is a place to see and be seen when the sun goes down. Toronto’s Little India festival set along a strip of shops and restaurants on Gerrard Street East, holds some of the city’s most delicious treats, for people who know where to go and what to get.

In this festivals many of the stalls and exhibition are held. Many of
the chefs, cook and more people come to this festival to make this
festival good and full of excitement. Toronto to fete and enjoy the
latest offerings from the world’s best auteur’s that make this festival unforgettable.

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