Lohri Parva:

Lohri Parva is a most important seasonal festival of Northern India. It is a festival which is much old as the oldest Indus


Lohri – Image Credit : theindusparent.com

valley of civilization. This is the festival which comes after the ending of winter season and it is the time of starting of spring season and New Year too. It is the festival which celebrated in various corners of India.

It is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu while it is known as Makar Sakranti in the state of Bengal. It is the famous festival for kite flying and fighting of kites in the sky. Lohri is the festival which is major dedicated to lord Sun and fire. It is the day on which the lord Vishnu raises from rest according to Indian mythology. Scientifically it is the day on which the sun transits Zodiac sign Makar. This transit of sun is known as Uttarayana in Hindu religion.

This is the day which is celebrate by the people by welfare of people and other religious activates regarding to this festival. They celebrated as burning fire in night and enjoy the day by dancing and singing. The burning fire is the sign of going winter time and coming of spring time. It is also has a spiritual meaning that is fire represent the warmth in our life by removing the bad fortune from life.

In Punjab this festival celebrated as a most important part of the life people of Punjab celebrated it various ritual activities and traditions they enjoy the whole night of the day.

They dances and sung the ritualistic songs to make their deity happy. It is the sign of peace and starting of new life.

Lohri Parva celebrated each year and the day of celebrated depend on the transits of sun to Makar. it is a celebration for  beginning of New Year.

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