Since ancient times Tibet has been considered as the land of mystery and legends. It is a land which has its own customs, traditions and festivals which are pretty unique in their nature. The Losar Festival in Tibet is one of the most important festivals in Tibet. The word Losar basically means New Year which falls either on the same day as the Chinese New Year or with a difference of a day or one month (lunar month). This Tibetan festival usually falls on the month of December or January every year. The Losar Festival in Tibet is celebrated for 15 days and the first three days of this festival are main days of events and celebrations.

Tibetan New Year Losar :

The Losar Festival in Tibet is celebrated by Tibetan people in which ancient ceremonies take place. These ceremonies display the struggle between the good and evil. This is one of the oldest festivals in Tibet which dates back to the period before Buddhism in Tibet. This ceremony is marked by several rituals such as preparation of special type of noodle known as Guthuk. Nine different ingredients are used to prepare this noodle such as dried cheese, various grains and many other things.

The second day of this festival is marked by religious ceremonies. People worship in the monastery and present the monks with gifts. You can see people setting off firecrackers which are meant for the purpose of getting rid of evil spirits.

On the eve of New Year’s Day, people get up early, take bath and wear new clothes followed by worshipping the gods by putting offerings in their shrines at homes. The family members reunite at dinner time. The dinner consists of special Tibetan drinks and cakes. 

Losar Festival in Tibet is a perfect blend of prayer, music, dance and merry making. Those who want to explore Tibetan culture and tradition should visit Tibet during the time of this festival.

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