Losar festival is one of the most popular and greatly celebrated festivals of Ladakh. Losar festival is the celebration of the Tibetan New Year. During this festival Ladakh is warmly lit and there is a display of colours, and grand celebrations. Although Ladakh is a part of India, it still follows the traditional ritual as per Tibet.

Losar Festival of Ladakh:

Losar was originally from Tibet, during the pre-Buddhist time, when the people of Tibet followed the Bon religion. This festival was celebrated during the winters, and with the arrival of Buddhism, both the traditions were merged together and the rituals that were followed were named from Bon to Losar. There is also a legend that goes with Losar, where a King of the 17th century namely King Jam yang proposed a war against Balti but one of his wise ministers advised him to not perpetrate any misdemeanour in the beginning of the New Year, to which the King ordered people to start New Year celebrations in advance. Thus, this was the beginning of Losar festival Celebration.

The rituals that go with Losar festival are not that many. Losar is celebrated on the first day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar. This festival is celebrated with great magnificence, and people spend their time dancing and in enjoying the day. The houses are cleaned and painted and decorated with different colours of light. Images of Ibex are hung on the front door of the houses.

The evening brings on to more celebrations where a procession is organised called methi, in which people hold torches and candles and slogans. The people are dressed in their finest new clothes, and they make sure that they visit the monasteries to offer prayers to Lord Buddha. The monks and lamas are also gifted and people greet each other when they meet. This is the best time to be in Ladakh, where people are celebrating and you can find Ladakh lit up in beautiful lights and there are celebrations all around.

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